When looking for the right image to use in your production, you will not use any image you find on search engines. You can get sued by illegally using other people’s images, especially for commercial purposes. Below are some great sites you will get royalty free images:


Pixabay has the largest collection of free images that you can use commercially. It is estimated that it has over 1 million free stock images. You need to be careful when selecting images on Pixabay as some are not of very good quality.


Pexels has over 30 000 royalty free images and more are being added every month. The photos on Pexels are curated from photographers and sites such as Pixabay. The website is well organized and the images are well curated.


Pikwizard is another great site that has more than 100 000images. 20,000 of the available images are only available on this site. The biggest advantage of this site is that you will be able to edit your favorite image using the design wizard.


The site is powered by Shopify and only has a limited collection of free images. Most of the images are meant for business or marketing purposes and are arranged based on their theme. This site is relatively new and there is still room for growth in the near future.


The images onGratisography are more surreal compared to other sites. You will be able to use the images for all purposes and the best part? The images are unique and only available on this website.


On this site, you will find new images every week which makes it a great source of fresh images. The photos are submitted by the site user and some may not be of very good quality.

There are other sites where you will get royalty free images such as Flickr, Picjumbo, Death to Stock Photos, and FoodiesFeed, among others. You can never lack a photo that will meet your specifications on these sites.