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what’s the difference between art and porn?

Anyone who has ever loved art knows that it is subjective. People would equate that to the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” In part, it’s because what some may find to be a great piece of art, others can find offensive. Still, there’s a huge difference between nude paintings and pornography. But then again, you have those who feel that a painting or statue of a nude man or woman is porno. On the other hand, you have those who find such work as masterpieces.

In truth, most people think that pornography only applies to instances where actual penetration takes place. Regardless of personal opinions though, there are standards put in place to help distinguish the two. The question is whether those standards are enough for some people. After all, there are those who will have strong opinions on matters, including art and porn.

A great way to understand this debate is by focusing on nude art. Over the course of time, nude art slowly metamorphosed into erotic art. One can go back to the early ages of cavemen to find it. Walls have drawings containing what many call sensuous or erotic art. These drawings were created by people who had few tools available at the time. As time went by, the nudes became more and more titillating and revealing. So in the same way that art turned to nudes, then erotic art, it is now going further. The next step in line of transformation is erotic porn. This is where we find ourselves today since there is plenty of it to be found.

One can assume that those who saw art turn to nudes had something to say about it. They may have seen it as crossing the line and showing too much. Then you have nudes turn to erotic art and the argument continues. Which brings to light erotic pornography since it is ideally the next chronological succession. Some are asking how far can art go before it pushes the boundaries? Better yet, who is to say is the next thing that will be accepted as art going to be? Will it be actual images of sexual penetration or would that be too lewd for some to accept?

No one really knows since history has shown us that times change. More importantly, that the views of people are altered as well. What may be considered porn today, could perhaps be regarded as art sometime in the future.